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8th May


Its been a busy weekend for Precious Pets. We have the pleasure of walking Beaker the Beagle - a fab, bouncy dog whose tail never stops wagging.


We are looking after a clients fish while they are on holiday. 2 baby oranda's and a fancy goldfish named Lion, Tiger and Bear.


We picked up our Hoodies and T's from Superlogo - which we are absolutely loving.


I submitted my final assessment paper for my Diploma in Feline Behaviour and Psychology and managed to sign myself up for a Diploma in Pet Bereavement Counselling - something that I feel that the market is missing and will hopefully help people when their pets are nearing the end of their lives or have been recently bereaved. As pet owners and lovers its something that we unfortunately have to deal with......


In the meantime, whilst I anxiously sit awaiting feedback re my assessment, I can't highly recommend the Centre of Excellence courses - you can find them at


The courses are fantastic and you receive fantastic support from them while you are working towards your goals.


Our Facebook page is updated constantly - you can see what we have been up to. Please visit us at


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16th May


Delighted to inform you that I have passed my Diploma in Feline Behaviour and Psychology - this also gives us membership to the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and the International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching (IANLPC)





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